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We move by sound and music, we learn from experiencing music in movement, we express ourselves through improvisation
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Dalcroze Method?
…the music pedagogy, which uses movement games to teach concepts of music, develops creativity and nurtures the imagination.

In constantly connecting movement to music and music to life, we hope to teach our students to hear music through every movement of the body, to feel and be moved by every kind of musical sound.
Who is the Dalcroze Method for?

Dalcroze Eurhythmics is alive and well today. Students at many conservatories and universities around the world take classes in it as part of their education. Children and senior/adult classes taught by Dalcroze Certified teachers are also available in many countries. In Hong Kong, the HK Dalcroze Centre supports Dalcroze tuition for all ages, including primary, secondary and tertiary educational levels. Interested teachers can reference many books and other materials online and/or pursue certification through university study or at summer institutes. The Institute Jaques-Dalcroze Geneva continues to be the only institution to give out the highest level of Dalcroze Certification, the Diplome Jaques-Dalcroze.

Instead of
sitting behind
a desk...
We learn interactively

Interactive learning encourages learners to participate and acquire knowledge through experience.

Each teacher of Dalcroze will of course be expected to apply the method in their own individual style taking into consideration the age, culture, location and other needs of their individual students.


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