3 days Christmas workshops

3 Days Dalcroze Eurhythmics Christmas courses

28,29, 30 DEC 2012 for age 2 to 16 years old

I am Chu Sui Ming, pianist and (first-to-be) qualified HK Chinese Dalcroze Eurhythmics teacher. I discovered Dalcroze Eurhythmics in the mid 90s, from a Dalcroze teacher passing through HK. Since then I have been learning and teaching this way of music education, in Europe as well as in Hong Kong.

It is a great pedagogy which fosters musicality and nurtures creativity. It is a great way to start and prepare any musical education before learning to play an instrument. It is also a great way to develop general musicianship and nurture inner creativity for interpretation. It helps bring music alive as a medium for human expression.

Through listening first then moving to what we hear, our mind and heart and body are all connected. Our musical thoughts can be expressed with musicality and executed with enhanced precision.

I have over 10 years teaching experience and believe this education has great value which is why I am so keen to advocate it in Hong Kong.

I am giving a three days workshops at Christmas time this year. Please spread the word for me. As you all know, when we understand better our musical language, we naturally want to express it and also would be empowered to express it well. Students would be much easier to teach as a result.

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