HKUSpace Dalcroze Eurhythmics workshops 達克羅士音樂節奏律動工作坊

AH 21-045-37 (21) Start Date: 17 & 18 -03 2013 2- 5pm
16 & 17 -06 2013 10-1pm

This shall be a good opportunity for teachers, students and performers of music, dance and theater to experience this valuable music education. How it builts musical senses through movement and develop our creativity through improvisation.

Each workshop shall focus on a different musical subject such as phrasing, rhythm, tempo, dynamic, measure, mix measures, polyrhythm, cross rhythm …..etc. It shall be an unique experience each day!

Application through HKUSpace!

Mother and Toddler class

This morning after my Dalcroze Eurhythmics for Mother and Toddler class, all children want to play the piano! Once we have experienced music in our body, it becomes yours and we want to express it.