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CELLIST OF RTHK QUARTET | hong kong's flagship chamber music group
ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL CELLIST | hong kong sinfonietta
MUSIC FACULTY TEACHER | hong kong academy for performing arts

I believe Dalcroze Eurhythmics is a great method, a holistic approach to art and to learning, involving so many different aspects of movement, of music, of being creative, of using the body... I think it's fantastic.
This is a rigorous pedagogy. So often when you see music and movement classes, you think anyone can do this... but in setting the framework for children to play an instrument and generally make music of a high standard, Dalcroze is in a class of its own.
Sui Ming Chu is very well qualified and experienced in teaching the Dalcroze method. And most importantly she has the passion to teach this method, to make it make a difference.
My children have very much enjoyed being taught by Sui Ming. They returned from each lesson full of energy and always looking forward to the next lesson, talking about it repeatedly. I can see it has been really beneficial for their personal development as well as their appreciation of music. In summary, as an instrumentalist, as a music teacher and as a parent, I can see that Dalcroze really works.

Jeremy Williams Director of Strings, University of Tasmania, Conservatorium of Music. Former Principal Viola, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

"I have known Sui Ming for many years and watch her study and develop her Dalcroze classes. She has a great passion and dedication for her work and brings a wonderful opportunity for youngster to engage in Dalcroze in Hong Kong. I wish Sui Ming every success"

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